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Flight Operations and Dispatch

Our team has been entrusted with high profile operations, handling of top officials, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Diplomats, renowned celebrities, pop stars, film stars and popular D-Jays. We have a track record and have successfully supported worldwide operations for high government officials at the most remote regions globally.

Aircraft Charter

A number of return customers have been using our services for their business travel needs. From any business aircraft to heavy cargo jets or ambulance aircraft, we are able to assist our customers with providing the right aircraft at the right location whenever required. 

Handling Services & Logistics

We provide worldwide coordination for private aircraft and business jet handling together with refuelling globally. Our operations department is capable of assisting aircraft operators with handling and fuel at any remote airport or airfield imaginable. We have experts within African and European regions which can assist you with any planned trip. We offer easy payment terms and credit facilities at all major international locations. Terms and conditions apply.

Aircraft Charter & Management

Minimise journey times and fly where you want, whenever you like. We offer a full range of aircraft affording unadorned luxury and uncompromising service. Expect high level of discretion.

Aircraft Handling  & Worldwide Logistics

Our sister company, Executive Aviation Malta (www.executivefbo.com) happens to be the leading business aviation handler in Malta. The years of experience in business and genereal aviation handling locally ensures that international handling logistics are closely monitored and professionally delivered.

Aircraft Management

We have management experience within the business aviation industry and can provide our customers with attractive and cost efficient management packages.

Company Formation & AOC

With decades of experience in various commercial and business aviation departments locally and internationally, our team has the ability to assist in the setting up and development of new aviation business. We have ample experience and have succesfully assisted operators with setting up of a local AOC and local operations from A to Z in Malta.

Flight Support & Permits

At Aviapros we offer flight support for all corporate, charter, commercial and cargo flight operations around the globe. We are the only independent and dedicated flight support company in Malta. Our team can provide you with 24/7 assistance in flight planning logistics whilst securing over-flight and landing permits for almost all the challenging locations.

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